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User Guide

Preparing for a visit to the Manhyia Archives

Write or telephone before coming to the Manhyia Archives to determine whether the relevant archival material is available. Appointment may be made by letter addressed to the Archivist.

Location of the Manhyia Archives

The Manhyia Archives is located at Manhyia Palace Complex. It occupies the former offices of the Asantehene's Private Secretary and Manhyia Record Office. It is between the Asantehene's Lands Office and the residence of the Asantehemaa

Hours of services:

The staff of Manhyia Archives is available to respond to researchers' requests during office hours, that is, Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to4.00pm except for public holidays.

Conditions of admission

In order to conduct research at the Manhyia Archives, a person must register and obtain a Searcher's Ticket or Temporary Visitor's Pass. Searcher's Tickets are issued to applicants who can satisfy the Archivist their suitability to be allowed access to the records and produce documentary proof of identity. You may be charged for the Searcher's Ticket or the temporary visitor's pass. Application for a Searcher's Ticket will constitute agreement to observe the rules made by the Archivist from time to time..

Before registering and consulting archival material, researchers should read the Rules for the Search Room, which not only outlines researchers' rights and obligations regarding the material to be consulted, but also describes the correct manner of handling material. It should be emphasized that documents cannot be removed from the reading room ( Search Room).

Where to eat

Manhyia Archives does not have a canteen.

Researchers may eat from the restaurants within the Manhyia vicinity (e.g. Joefel Restaurant). There is a drinking bar at the National House of Chiefs Canteen within a walking distance.

Food is strictly prohibited in the reading room and any part of the offices.

Where to leave personal belongings

For the protection of records under Manhyia Archives custody, it is required that, bags, containers and other possessions be deposited at the designated place at the entrance before you enter the search room.

The staff reserves the right to examine briefcases and other containers, including working papers when researchers are leaving the archives.


Researcher services

The staff of the Archives assists researchers by making available to them the documents needed for their research. The archivist or his assistant will discuss research topics, point out possible archival sources, give instructions in the use of finding aids and provide information on the services offered by the institution. Research techniques are explained to those not familiar with the use of archival material. Finding aids are available to the public in the reading rooms to support readers.

The use of archival records may also be subject to certain restrictions. Generally the thirty year access rule is applicable to the inspection of the records.

Ordering photocopies

Researchers may obtain copies of many of the records held by the Manhyia Archives. Requests for photocopies of documents should be made through the search room attendant with the approval of the archivist. A list of the current prices of photocopies is available on request.

The Archives has a responsibility to ensure the safe preservation of the records. At times this may conflict with the needs of users who want copies. It must therefore be made clear that if an item is likely to be damaged by photocopying then permission to copy may be refused.

All copies are made and issued on the understanding that those who hold them are aware of their responsibility to comply with the current law on copyright.

Certification of records

Searcher who wants his or her document to be certified should apply to the archivist. Certification of documents copied from the Archives attracts a fee which is available on request.

Signing of visitors' book

Please sign the visitors' book each day you come to conduct research in the archives.

Making a complaint

If you have a problem or complaint about our services please:

  - talk to the duty staff, who will try to sort things out with you.
  - If you are not satisfied, ask to speak to the Archivist. You may also use the forms available in the Archives for comments and suggestions on the service.

We will reply within one week to all comments and suggestions. Our aim is to listen, to learn, and to improve.

We can't meet all your needs, but we can promise to look carefully at all your suggestions and to act on them when we can.

Deposit of publication or work

The Manhyia Archives would be grateful to be told of any publication or work largely based on sources in the Archives and to be presented with copy for the Archives library.


1. Pencils only may be used at the search room.

2. Do not bring into the archives any materials that can harm a document.

These include food, paste or glue, adhesive tape of any sort, scissors and knives.

3. You must observe silence in and adjacent to the search room except when consulting a member of staff.

4. You may not be issued with more than three files at a time.

5. You must not write or make marks on any kind of documents.

6. You must not fold or crease the documents.

7. Do not use hand creams before handling documents and dry hands thoroughly after washing.

8. You must not lick or moisten your fingers in order to turn pages.

9. Do not place items on the floor.

10. Do not insert book marks or attach notes to documents.

11. You must not disturb the arrangement of loose papers. If you receive a volume tied up with tape which you cannot untie, take it to the search room staff.

12. Report any documents which are damaged or disarranged to the search room staff. Never disturb the original arrangement of documents.

13. Handle documents as little as possible. Avoid rough handling.

14. Ensure that you have clean hands before handling documents.

15. Do not forget to wash your hands after using the documents.


In obtaining a searcher's ticket, you have undertaken to observe the above rules:

It is the duty of the staff of the Manhyia Archives to ensure compliance with the rules. Failure to observe the rules may result in the documents which you are using being removed, or, in extreme cases, the cancellation of your reader's ticket.

Any incidence of theft from or willful damage to the documents will be treated as a criminal offence.

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